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i am your photographer.

i specialize in high school senior portraits, families, births and day-in-the-life photography

i make you shine because..you do.

i believe in life and the magic of ordinary days-your ordinary days. and i believe they need to be captured and properly and saved. to be enjoyed and relived forever.

i live artistically-noticing the beauty in you and the magic that surrounds your life. (it exists in the simple things we often take for granted but love to look back and reflect on). i believe i have the unique ability to see and photographically compose these extraordinarily simple and magical moments: a smile, two hands linked together only by the pinkies, a smile mixed with a glance toward your future, the power of youth and your connections in life.

i believe in the pure magic of natural light within natural settings as it allows me to capture sweet moments that make up your today.

i believe we can be friends. and that i will treat you accordingly by offering the highest work ethic and customer service: quick responses and honest products and pricing.

i believe in NOW. not minus-50 pounds-from-NOW now or i-can-only-book-a-photo-shoot-for-when-we-are-wearing-matching-outfits-NOW or when-the kids-are-perfectly-behaved-NOW.

i believe nothing is greater that today--right NOW.

i believe there are no dress rehearsals.

i believe in photography.

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